The trucker hat is back! Whether you call it a dad cap or an old-fashioned baseball hat, the much loved style of headgear was once ubiquitous across America years ago—and now it's making its comeback.

What's going on? A shift in fashion, and certainly nostalgia for simpler times in the early 2000s has pushed trucker hats back into the spotlight for both men and women.

These caps were first made popular in the 1930s by farmers who drove their trucks to nearby towns, where they'd buy supplies and sell farm produce. The style itself was a throwback to earlier days, when farming was America's biggest industry: Visors on these helmets helped protect the farmers from glaring summer sun. They also kept the sun out of their eyes while they drove, which was a big help when driving in those days meant no windshields or side windows!

The style made its way onto the factory floor during World War II and then home to baseball diamond and basketball court. Professional sports athletes began wearing trucker caps on the field as a nod to their fans in rural communities, and now you can see them everywhere from the sidelines of a football game to poolside at an upscale resort.

Today's trucker caps are more sleek than their predecessor; They're also made with synthetic fabrics like nylon, which repels water better than cotton and is unlikely to be damaged by acid rain. They're a lot more stylish too and have evolved into a staple that anyone can wear, not just truckers or farmers.

Today you'll see the style worn casually with jeans on Main Street or out on the town with friends in a chic city center. The caps are available in virtually any color you can imagine—and some you can't! There are bright lime greens, blacks that look like outer space, and ultra-neon shades in fluorescents of all colors.

The trucker hat's versatility is just one reason for its popularity. The other reason: comfort. These hats hug the head and can be fitted with an elastic sweatband on the inside. These caps are also a lot more lightweight than earlier styles, and they make great accessories for summertime concerts in the park or afternoons by the pool with friends and family.

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