Known for his creative and playful creations, Ingo Maurer is a German designer who re-conceptualized lighting design and was also one of the first innovators who adopted technical modifications from LEDs to OLEDs. 

He was born in 1932 on a small island of Reichenau and later on completed his apprenticeship in Munich. In 1960, he moved to US living between New York and San Francisco as a Graphic Designer and Art Director in a local advertising agency. 

In 1966, he created "Bulb" for an installation in Venice featuring ordinary light bulbs submerged within a larger glass orb to form a table lamp. It became trendy that he had to launch his own manufacturing company to mass-produce the design. Up until today, this is being produced by his 70-strong team in Munich. Also, this has been a permanent collection in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. 

On top of commercial lamp production, Maurer has entered into the large scale exhibits and installations. Several famous works include Issey Miyake's 1999 fashion show in the Parc de la Villette, the atrium of Lafayette Maison in Paris and the Torre Velasca in Milan.

In an interview with the Goethe Institut: "Although I sometimes would really like to pack it all in because I have the feeling that it's all getting to be too much for me, I then think about all those employees, so many of whom have been with us for so many years..... When I founded the firm, I took on a great responsibility for these people and I want to support and advance the company as long as I can," he continued. "Afterwards, they'll have to do without me, but I'm very confident they will manage."

His ultimate installation, which features an all-embracing chandelier composed of more than 3,000 silver-plated leaves, was created in Munich's Residenz theater on 18 October, just days before his death.