The buzz about this baby product is growing — and it's not just among new parents. Longtime Homeless Penthouse Magazine readers have also been asking us for information on what is being called the "Nugget."

Our curiosity piqued, I visited several websites dedicated to the product and also ordered one of their catalogues. Every photo and description in it made me even more convinced that this was something every baby should have!

The core of the product is described on each of these websites as "a cozy, four-sided seating area that surrounds your baby and helps reduce stress while nursing, playing or doing tummy time."

Other possible uses include a "safe environment to play and learn," a place for baby to rest when not in the crib," and "the perfect place to nap and coo."

Of course, people were curious why such a product did not exist before now. Some of the naysayers claim that providing babies with comfort is "spoiling them," but many parents have called the Nugget a godsend for helping babies feel safe and secure while making it possible for both parent and child to relax and enjoy the experience.

"The idea came when we were thinking about how to make these trying times easier on families, " says Elizabeth Hargreave, spokeswoman for the Nugget designers. "Parents are always worrying that something will happen to their baby in public or at home. The Nugget provides a barrier against this."

The product does not seem to take up as much space as you might think it would. The rounded edges of the fabric are about a foot high and provide an ample barrier against falls, while preventing little arms from getting stuck between the fabric and couch cushions.

The baby-safe fabric is also helpful when it comes to protecting babies from sharp edges or other household dangers. "It's a neat concept," says Hargreave. "We know that the world can be an unsafe place for little ones, so we're trying to help parents make it safer. And it's great that the product is also fun for babies, too."