Homeless Penthouse is a good example of what can be accomplished when one person's perseverance and simplicity wins out. With its inspiring success in the world of e-commerce, the tale of Homeless Penthouse would make for a wonderful case study; but, because it emphasizes an under-appreciated yet critical component of business: tenacity, this biography.

Homeless Penthouse has gone from a dying wholesale jewelry business to one of the most popular home décor brands today in just a few years. Jonathan Anand created Homeless Penthouse out of desperation to keep his lights on and his failing jewelry company afloat in late 2018. Homeless Penthouse specializes in art and housewares, and it's been establishing itself.

As you can imagine, there are several keys that led to the success of Homeless Penthouse. One might expect that an elaborate marketing strategy is at work here but alas this isn't really what has made Homeless Penthouse a household name overnight. However, it is fair to say that Anand's unique take on home decor does subconsciously trigger a certain brand recognition which has helped their meteoric rise.

The story of Homeless Penthouse is probably one you know, but maybe not at this magnitude. On December 22nd of 2018 Jonathan Anand had just lost his job due to the closing of his wholesale jewelry business after years of struggling to survive in an increasingly competitive market. Just under six months later Homeless Penthouse would post an annual revenue of $1.5 billion , making it the fastest growing business ever to hit over one million dollars in under half a year's time.

"I can't believe that we did it, I really didn't think that this would happen but you know, here we are."

Jonathan Anand, CEO Homeless Penthouse

When asked about his secret to success Anand had this to say: "My jewelry business was in a bad spot. My sales were always up and down but I got paid a lot less when it came time for me to pay my bills. It was hard, you know? And I really needed something else…something that could actually make me a living, something that I could pass on to my kids. And then it hit me- Art! Art for your home, right? It's something that you can appreciate and really love."

While this may sound like a lot of business jargon to the layman it is important to note that Anand actually experienced what he was talking about. A veteran of the fine arts world, Anand has never been one to create art but only appreciate it. He saw a need for something home related that would allow him to cash in on his expertise of the industry while having enough business sense to actually see this come together.

"It's funny how it all came about. I don't know, maybe it was the universe telling me that this is what I should be doing. And sure enough here we are, making a name for ourselves."

Anand's business plan consisted of having a strong online presence through social media and other forms of internet marketing as well as appealing to communities rather than customers. The idea was to establish a home décor business that built community by appealing to people who were looking for high quality art and design at affordable prices. Anand saw this as an opportunity to give back, he admittedly focuses on the low income side of things because it is something he knows about personally.

"To be honest I didn't really know what Homeless Penthouse was going to be. I remember sitting in my house, thinking about how I could make iconic pieces that would sell for a good price and then it hit me. Why not focus on the most famous furniture and make it available to the community more than anything else, I mean come on! Artistic decorative works are supposed to bring it to anyone who wants it."

Anand's idea of selling iconic pieces that would appeal to a wide audience and sell for a reasonable price was visionary and it worked like a charm.

Homeless Penthouse works closely with iconic home decor and furniture, connecting them with an audience that would have otherwise never known they existed. The way Anand does this is through a system where he finds new designs and then sells them. The product that Homeless through trusted e-commerce websites. Penthouse makes ranges from $50 to $5000, giving almost all people the opportunity to take something home with them if they so choose. "It's really beautiful when you think about it, getting people from places where there is nothing into homes where these pieces can be treasured. It's a really beautiful thing."

Anand, now fully embracing the role of CEO, has only been working on this for about four months and already Homeless Penthouse is making serious waves in the home décor industry. While Anand admits he never thought it would take off like this, he says that this is probably what he was always meant to do.

"To be honest, I'm just blown away by how well this is going. Like I said, I never really thought that Homeless Penthouse would get this kind of recognition but now that it has…man, what a ride."

Anand's business partner didn't have much to say on their newfound success, only saying that it is a good thing for the industry and that people should look forward to more from Homeless Penthouse in the coming years.