Louis Vuitton’s venture into the world of basketball is picking up steam. The renowned design company has recently presented the newest collection to its continuing collaboration with the NBA, debuting its interpretations of the iconic basketball and backboard. It will surely be beautiful, but it will hardly be the type of things you would want to bounce around on your lawn with.

The NBA x Louis Vuitton collection includes a Ball and Backboard that truly exemplify athletic luxury, designed by the one and only Virgil Abloh.

The transparent backboard has gold highlights in the shape of corner caps and trim, as well as frosted logo components, and is inspired by the brand’s trademark trunks. The frosted backboard is finished off with a net trim and bright orange fasteners. The basketball that comes with it has a traditional black trim design and dark leather with the NBA and Louis Vuitton logos, also honoring the classic designs of Spalding. To round off the package, Louis Vuitton includes a set of stickers to accessorize the backboard in the style of the 1990s.

People may recall the brand’s last partnership with the NBA, which included the $4,250 Ball in Basket bag. With its full-grain brown leather detailing and gold hardware, the basketball-shaped collectible was a multipurpose flex for many. The latest additions to the collection, though, will prove to take things a few steps further.

While there is no news just yet on how much the new NBA x Louis Vuitton Backboard and Basketball is going to cost, it is safe to assume that it will not be at all cheap. The Basket in Bag backpack, one of the collection’s previous offerings, was sold for $5,650 AUD. In the next coming weeks of the month, this NBA x Louis Vuitton will be made available at select Louis Vuitton shops.