From September 3 to October 7, HOFA Gallery in London will host a new hybrid exhibit titled “Portrait of an Era.” According to the gallery, the display will be the “world’s most valuable gallery NFT exhibit,” with Autoglyphs, CryptoPunks, Fidenza’s, Meebits, and more, as well as a number of blue-chip NFT rarities and premier digital artworks.

“Portrait of an Era” will include six rare sealed CryptoPunks, which will be exhibited as one-of-a-kind lithograph prints signed by the co-founder of Larva Labs John Watkinson. Only 24 of these prints exist, and each one comes with a unique wax-sealed envelope with the 12-word ‘seed-code’ that provides access and ownership to the particular NFT online.

The artwork on display is believed to be valued at more than $20 million USD, and will include sculptural work by artists such as Dutch artist Josh Klibansky and a canvas painting by French-iranian artist Sepand Danesh titled “The Last Warrior.”

The exhibition “Portrait of An Era” looks at the growth of digital art and how the lines between digital and conventional art are blurring. From September 23 to October 7, the show will be open to the public.