This is the most recent iteration of the lookbook for this year's drops. As you can see, it's basically just five pages of accessories and hardware. No clothing items were unveiled on the lookbook... apart from a single page at the end that contains clothes that are also skateboards in disguise. Yes, Supreme has been selling skateboards that look like clothes for the past few years, but this year they took it a step further. 

For 2020, Supreme revealed several fully functional pieces of clothing which have skateboard decks hidden inside them... and you can actually ride these things! Some of the clothes also come with additional accessories already attached to their boards' wheels. The skateboard deck is attached to the hidden compartment with a strap, and the clothes come with an empty holster where you can keep your skateboard. Crazy though it may sound, this actually makes sense if you think about it... because Supreme clothing doesn't only show up on actual people. A sizable portion of their buyers are teenage boys who have no use for clothing, but who buy Supreme shirts and pants in order to skateboard with them. These skateboards actually make a lot of sense for the demographic they are going after...  and last year's Supreme x Nico Douga skateboards also inspired this new fashion line. The wave was a big deal in Japan, but many people missed out on it because it was too expensive for their liking (therefore they're more likely to buy the dangerously cheap bootlegs ). In any case, let's just get right into these crazy drops.