The good news is that if you've wanted to acquire a Mercedes-Benz G-Class for some time but didn't know where to start, now you do. To commemorate the vehicle, Mercedes has paired with Art2People to select five international artists from the NFT space to interpret the G-Class using various digital platforms to produce one-of-a-kind works.

It's no surprise that Mercedes would delve into the art world, having previously collaborated with artists such as Heron Preston and Virgil Abloh to connect automobile and art.

The car manufacturer has partnered with Mercedes-Benz G-Class artist Kobi Levi to create a 3D model of the vehicle. The team at Art2People used this 3D file to print out various sized scale models of the off-roader. These physical models will go on display in May at MAD's NFT space in Barcelona.

"Watermarked the digital copy of the G Class with a unique fingerprint, which is linked to its official product code," explained Art2People. "This process helps distinguish between real and fake 3D models of the vehicle. The same watermark links all physical representations of the car in different mediums."

Levi has been heavily involved in the NFT space for some time. The artist released a range of $500,000 gold and diamond-covered Bitcoin tokens in 2018 that also included actual Bitcoin.

"We decided to use blockchain technology with our G Class project," said Levi about his latest venture. "It was a natural step since blockchain is a part of the digitalization process that will change the future. We already have NFTs, so why not use it? That was one of our guiding principles.""Web 3.0, Metaverses, gamification, physical tokenization and virtual realities are rapidly changing our everyday lives," commented Tim Schumacher, CEO and Founder of The NFT Company. "We are thrilled to make this Mercedes G-Class available as the first official digital version at IOTA’s much anticipated NFT Hackathon."