The Matrix Resurrections reportedly earned $69.8 million USD globally during its opening weekend at the box office, according to reports.

The film reportedly earned $22.5 million USD in the domestic box office, which makes up 27% of its total global earnings for that time frame. However, it's important to note that The Matrix Resurrections also received a simultaneous release on HBO Max. Still, the movie managed to rake in a nice amount at the box office, and it's projected to make an additional $22.2 million USD during its opening week in the United States.

The film reportedly debuted with $69.8 million USD globally on Friday, December 21st 2018; this includes $5 million USD from Thursday preview screenings in North America and selected international territories such as the UK and Russia.

In addition to being released in its home country, The Matrix Resurrections received a simultaneous release on Saturday, December 22nd. According to reports, the film opened with $59 million USD globally on that day.

The film reportedly crossed the $100 million USD mark after three days of release and broke another record by earning more than $69/4 million USD globally on its first week.

Let's just say that The Matrix Resurrections made a pretty good impact at the global box office, which is exactly what Warner Bros. Pictures was hoping for with this release.

Of that total, $22.5 million USD comes from the domestic box office and an additional $17.4 million USD was earned internationally in 50 international markets where it played, including Australia and New Zealand, as well as South America and Asia.

The movie officially hit theaters on December 22 and reported its top ten markets in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Seattle, Atlanta and Washington DC.

HBO Max reportedly also had a simultaneous premiere of the film. The Matrix Resurrections is the latest installment in the popular sci-fi franchise, which stars Keanu Reeves as Neo, once again assuring that he’s “the one.” That presumably means there will be more sequels coming soon.