It is Louis Vuitton’s Escale Collection that gives us any hint that we will be returning to our regularly scheduled programming of phoning in sick on 80-degree days. It is all we deserve after this timid existence of confined simulation, inspired by coastal vacations and traditional Japanese shibori fabrics. Summer is a must because of this line.

The Esacle Collection has “have you ever surfed?” written all over it, with oversized Bermuda shorts worthy of Blue Crush, LV has once again monogrammed the perfect pair bucket hats and bikinis, a set of massive hair claw clips you could have worn through middle school and a pair of pink-tinted aviators straight from the early nineties. If you are also looking for a new bag, the Keepall, Neo Noe, Neverfull tote, and Speedy are all made from the same tie-dye fabric, which is dipped in crimson magentas, lovely pastels, and wavy ocean blues.

The LV Escale Monogram Bucket Hat is the perfect item for youngsters with a House touch, thanks to its modern form and allover monogram pattern. The distinctive design is printed all over, even on the ornamental canvas strap, utilizing an inkjet printing method. For Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer season last year, this summer-worthy piece is still a must-have to this day.

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