The album is everything you would expect and more. This isn't just an album; it's a declaration of what will be important in hip-hop for years to come. There is no competition. Kanye and Jay-Z have made a mark that will never be erased from history: The Throne has taken over hip-hop.

Despite the album's greatness, it does have its drawbacks. It lacks replay value. While the beats are amazing and do not become stale, there isn't enough change in subject matter to warrant multiple listens. Most songs are about how rich and powerful the rappers are, although some are surprisingly well-thought out (POWER). The album also has a hard time ignoring the past. Some tracks seem to be tributes to Jay-Z's previous work with R. Kelly, and Kanye even mentions his famous Taylor Swift line on Monster. There are also some minor technical issues. The mix is not the greatest, and Kanye's delivery is sometimes sloppy. Despite this, there are still a few tracks that make up for any flaws in the album.

These songs include NEW DAY featuring Mr Hudson, which details how much of a new day it was for Jay-Z when he had his daughter, and DOESN'T MAKE AMENDS featuring Kanye and Pusha T, which might be the darkest song on the album, detailing the life of a drug dealer killing his competition via rhyme. This is one of my favorite tracks simply because it shows how versatile they are as rappers.

Although Watch The Throne was not perfect, it is definitely still a real classic. This album is something that you will always remember and cherish, not just because of its amazing beats but also for the fact that it was pretty much made to be listened to with an enormous sound system.