In their latest project, Parisian art studio Zim & Zou adapted the theme of "Odyssey" for Hermès' Japan window exhibit.With the latter as a reference to Isetan's pink-themed Shinjuku store, the window and installation are blue and pink. ​The art studio's design envisions a space where Hermes is the protagonist of the journey as they navigate through various interstellar avenues. Travelling from one world to another, Zim & Zou creates a display that reflects on the brand’s roots as an adventurous craftsmanship and as a provider of luxury items for exploration, discovery and growth

The installation doesn't just look good but is interactive as well, with viewers encouraged to take part in Hermes’ odyssey by sharing their own adventures using the hashtag #HERMESJAPAN.

Viewers are also invited to pose for selfies inside the cabin of Hermes’ ‘rocket ship’, which perfectly encapsulates Zim & Zou’s amazing work.