Born and raised in Pennsylvania, The world-renowned American artist left a remarkable line with his graffiti-inspired drawings. He first expressed in subway stations and later displayed in museums. His works were all-around--public murals crawling to streets and museums worldwide. He takes his inspiration from the great works of Walt Disney, Dr Seuss, and Charles Schultz. With his complete dedication to drawing, he persevered and joined the School of Visual Arts in New York.

With its striking lines and rich colors, his art's energy and optimism brought him popularity with a broad audience. During the 1980s, Haring's work was displayed globally. He has several remarkable collaborations with artists, including Andy Warhol, Grace Jones and William S. Burroughs.

Communicating social messages through his public works made him one of the most exceptional artists of his time--up until now, he is being admired. Within seven years, he created more than 50 public works made available to many cities worldwide. They would go to several foundations and hospitals. Many of his many accomplishments helped children develop their artistic skill, thus hosted workshop sessions for them. 

Before his death at the age of 31, Keith Haring had made a name for himself in New York's pop scene for his use of seemingly simplistic drawings and biting political statements. His work is on display in Vienna, see more.

Evident in his masterpieces are the thick black lines in most of his artworks that illustrate and symbolizes how strongly Haring believes in the power of strokes, emphasizing love, humanity, and human beings' ability to express themselves regarding issues.

Keith Haring left a legacy and brought manifold transformations in communicating his works. In just a short span of time, he created extraordinary things both in solo and group exhibits, featured in newspaper articles and magazines. As seen in most of his drawings, Haring redefined abstract and conceptual art as he immediately gave the message of his works, making it easy for anyone to understand.

Due to popular and high demand for his works, he opened a Pop Shop in New York, giving everyone access. Having this philosophy, from the interview (compiled by the Keith Haring Foundation):

"My work was starting to become more expensive and more popular within the art market. Those prices meant that only people who could afford big art prices could have access to the work. The Pop Shop makes it accessible."

- Keith Haring
Keith Haring aan het werk in het Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam 1986

With the help of the Keith Haring Foundation, his works continue to breathe despite his untimely death of AIDS-related complications back in February 16, 1990. He continues to be the subject of several international retrospectives and full recognition from other museums worldwide.