Featuring several pieces of Takashi Murakami's original art, a 1.95 m golden Flower Parent and Child sculpture, stuffed animal in the bedroom, a plush Flower Parent and Child, as well as paintings, carpets and flower plushes in the living room. There are also artworks in the bathrooms of the Suite. Grand Hyatt Tokyo also offers an exceptional in-room experience by serving Flower dinner course and Flower sweets box. The guests will also receive an art book signed by Takashi Murakami himself. They have an option to reserve a Flower nail art service and enjoy the luxury of the vast Chairman suite with high-ceiling set-up windows and a phenomenal view of the city.

"When I started to travel around the world and stay at hotels, I noticed that there were always works of art exhibited at Hyatt hotels, starting in the entrance area and all the way into individual guestrooms. I remember thinking, 'Oh, I see there is a need for art in this kind of context.' It was different from the context of art with which I was working so I was fascinated. I wanted to try dipping into such a world, but I couldn't find the entrance, and there was just no way in. So I am happy to have such a special opportunity to display my work in a hotel room, and make my long-held dream come true."

- Takashi Murakami

If you plan to stay at the Chairman Suite, it is available until June 1, 2021. An overnight stay will cost you ¥450,000 for two people, just Add ¥20,000 for an extra person (around USD 191) per night. This stay package is the first of its kind and is the pride of Grand Hyatt Tokyo. You may visit their website for online reservations or make a phone call at the Global Contact Center Hyatt Reservations  0120-088-188.

For a more affordable Roppongi Hills Takashi Murakami Project experience, Grand Hyatt Tokyo also offers several products and services such as Takashi Murakami Flower Sweets Takeout Box--colorful takeout boxes featuring flavorful and sweet items, Takashi Murakami Flower Strawberry Afternoon Tea--an instagrammable tea session with strawberry mousse and shortcake, and Takashi Murakami Flower Cookies and bread--set of delightful bread filled with sweet bean paste.