In the world of celebrity, Kanye West’s mouth has been a gift and a curse. In his infamous 2009 onstage rant during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at MTV Video Music Awards , Kanye blurted, “Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!”

He isn’t exactly known for keeping his opinions to himself.

While he has made headlines over the years for his outlandish proclamations—2015’s infamous “BILL COSBY INNOCENT!” tweet comes to mind—more recently, Kanye has gained recognition within Christian circles for quoting Bible verses and wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, which he referred to as his “superman cape.”

In January 2020, Kanye West held a Sunday Service on Skid Row in Los Angeles, where he declared: “Don't call me secular. Secular is attempting to imply that I'll do anything for anybody other than Christ. That's when they went wrong. That's when they got it twisted."

The event was just one episode in an ongoing journey that has merged Kanye’s faith with his celebrity, making the artist perhaps the most important figure in popular culture today.

While his popularity is undeniable, many people do not realize that he has long considered himself a Christian. Even longtime fans of Kanye West would be surprised to learn of his upbringing in the Church.

Dr. Tony Beam spoke with Kayne’s childhood pastor, Bishop Larry Randolph, who stated: “Kanye was baptized at the Potter’s House when he was nine years old. He was saved before that, but he wanted to be baptized at the same time as his mother. I remember it well because she got dunked first and then Kanye jumped in right after her."When asked if this was common practice for parishioners at Potter’s House, Bishop Randolph had this to say: "It’s not uncommon, but it is rare. Most adults at the Potter’s House are saved, but what you don't see very often is when someone has a child baptized or dedicated before they become an adult. It's pretty rare that happens."