On January 2, 1993, Ian Connor was born in New York and later moved to Atlanta at 9. He recognises the time he spent growing up in Atlanta shaped much of who he is.  At the age of 18, he then moved to New York. Ian began hanging out with several icons, Ken Rebel, Joo Henderson, Justin Sky, Ambitious Ade, and Glyn Brown, who was the founder of the brand L3NF. With all their support, L3NF basically created their own fashion movement in New York, where Ian also became a part of it. Between boasting his fits and being associated with L3NF, his Tumblr followers also hit the roof. Even though the L3NF hype didn't last long, his newfound popularity opened opportunities for Ian to do modelling for small streetwear brands that gave him a reputation in a burgeoning New York Fashion Scene. While the declining popularity of L3NF spilled disasters for other group members, Ian was able to set his phase on a much larger movement that was taking shape in Harlem

Founded in 2007 by ASAP Yams, ASAP Kham, ASAP Illz, and ASAP Bari. Despite being founded back in 2007, its popularity began just recently in 2011, when ASAP Rocky released several tracks like PESO and Purple Swag. So when Ian got to New York, the tracks were just getting started. With the help of Ian's friends, who were closely related to ASAP Mob, he was able to gain the attention of ASAP Bari. Over time ASAP Bari and Ian both bonded over their love for fashion. Also, they got acquainted with ASAP Nas, who introduced him to high-end designers, including Raff Simons, who became a significant influence on Ian's sense of style. Surprisingly, He got a tattoo that matched Raf Simons shirt from the Spring/Summer 2003 Collection. Nowadays, Ian is known as an ASAP-affiliated in which he garnered further recognition. 

Interestingly, as his career went through, he worked with several artists in New York's big fashion scene, including Luka Sabbat, Kerwin Frost, Austin Babbitt, and Mike, the Ruler. At this time. At the height of the Instagram start-up, their SoHo-inspired images led to an increase in Instagram followers, which even gained popularity not just for Ian but also among his acquaintances in the field of fashion

During his meteoric rise of popularity, many people referred to him as the King of the Youth. He became one of the most influential iconic streetwear culture. He created hype on basically any brand that has his name on it. In 2013, in collaboration with Will Fry, he released an item with an all-over print of his face--it may seem a bit over the top. Still, it did catch many people's attention (see Ian Connor x Will Fry Collab). More recently, he was also featured in Virgil Abloh's Autumn/Winter 2016 runway flaunting the Menswear collection entitled "You Cut Me Off".  For years, he has also been styling several artists such as Kylie Jenner and Wiz Khalifa. On top of styling, he was also tapped by his dearest friend Kanye West to model for the Yeezy shows where Ian swagged the catwalk in the most remarkable way possible. 

He wasn't just an exceptional stylist; in addition to that, he has been managing Playboi Carti and supporting varied artists, including John Ross and Lil Yachty.