The DeepFaith is a multi-faceted hybrid art and music project, founded by Byron Spencer and Daniel Stricker in 2013 to explore the intersection between different media through various creative outlets. The aim of the project is to create spiritual art with spirit as its basis, utilizing emerging technologies such as Blockchain technology and Virtual Reality.

The DeepFaith is heavily inspired by the spiritual dimensions of life, which are often explored in their music and art. The project is also focused on creating an immersive experience for the audience, using new technologies such as motion capture, 3D printing and Virtual Reality. In addition to this, the team is composed of a group of artists, musicians and developers who come from a wide range of experience in digital art and music.

As Spencer explained in an interview with the H+ Magazine:

"We believe this is just the beginning and we will continue to take in new members and expand our networks further so that we can plant seeds in different communities and facilitate collaborations with like-minded pioneers around the world. Our hope is that we create a lasting impression on people and their communities, which will in turn inspire them to unlock possibilities of what is possible when we use our collective imagination to build new worlds."

The project is still in its early stages, but is quickly growing in size and scope. A working definition of what the DeepFaith is, can be found on their website:

"A constantly evolving "Crypto Digital Opera." A network of hybrid art forms with spirit as its basis. A futuristic, visionary experience where music and visuals are one. An immersive story-telling experience with an expansive medium for creative expression."The DeepFaith has recently released their latest project, entitled "The DeepFaith: A Crypto Digital Opera", which features a short film with the same name. The video is based on the story of the birth of Bitcoin, placing it in a spiritual context with references to esotericism and eastern philosophy.