One of the wealthiest living artists in the United Kingdom, Damien Hirst has been dominating the art scene in the country with his extraordinary works, the art world's golden boy. His works became a symbol and typically sells out quickly for wealthy art collectors with a very unusual concept that would surprise or be loathed upon.  With much controversy on his works, he has also been receiving criticisms from other artists. 

An undeniable fact about Hirst's almost 1.3k + paintings was done mainly by his coterie of assistants.  And he would recommend it publicly from several interviews he'd had. He has been a sore spot for many in the art community since he doesn't actually create most of his work, like his USD 78M diamond skull made by Bentley&Skinner, the stuffed shark produced by MDM Props of London, paintings done by his assistants. from a related article, they explained how Hirst defined an artist, "Hirst sees the real creative act as the conception, not the execution, of art. As the progenitor of the idea, he is, therefore, the artist."

His explosive entries made him famous both by those who loved his collection and those who criticized his works and methods. Homeless Penthouse brings you a short discussion on the existing controversies behind Damien Hirst and his collection. Check it out now!