Bearbrick is a vinyl-craze project that's been going on in Japan for the past few years. Bearbricks are produced in three different colorways: normal (black), "apple" (green), and "pear" (red). The first two were available from 2005 to 2007, and the pear colorway was released in 2008. 

The reason why they became hype is not just because of the cute cartoon version of bears. A good number of Be@rbrick collectors started to collect them due to their unique, high-quality material and nice packaging. Well, to make it fair for all of the collectors out there, the list here is made based on the average price per unit (excluding shipping) from Yahoo Japan auctions.

The list was updated on December 13th 2010. Bearbrick Attakus Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi $51 each. It's amazing to see how creative and artistic people can get by wrapping their own Be@rbricks with the original packages from vintage toys. This collection is so good that We can't help ourselves from showing you one by one: