Terrence Zhou's balloon dresses, with their bulbous forms and hourglass form, are no surprise why they've become so popular this year. On Instagram, the Chinese-born, New York-based designer and artist known as Bad Binch Tong Tong creates social media gold with every avant-garde creation he posts from his cramped apartment's hallways.

His most recent collection, which was photographed on his Long Island City studio's roof, includes both bespoke and ready-to-wear items and is his first jewelry and accessory line.

However, Zhou's affinity for all things voluminous didn't come overnight. "[I] basically cut and sew everything myself, even the jewelry," he details. "I have been sewing from a young age, so I can pretty much make anything." It was Zhou's mother who taught him how to use a needle and thread at the early age of 5: She would set up an old Singer Sewing Machine in his living room after school and he would sit with her for hours, making clothes and playing dress-up.

For Zhou, fashion is not just a hobby -- it's his passion. "I am obsessed with making my own garments because I have so many control issues," he admits with a laugh. "Working as a graphic designer has also been very influential to me in producing and producing and coming up with ideas."

After working in the fashion industry for several years, Zhou decided to leave his salaried position as a graphic designer at an e-commerce company this year to pursue Bad Binch Tong Tong full time. "[It's] very empowering," he says of fully devoting himself to his craft. "I have more time to experiment and I'm not as restricted by other people's opinions."Zhou's latest collection is a true testament to his unbridled creativity and passion for fashion. With pieces that are sure to turn heads, this collection is sure to be a hit -- both on social media and on the runway.