tAz Arnold is recognized for his outlandish fashion sense. He is frequently dressed in luxurious brand duds that ordinary people would be saving up to buy, and he often wears them to stand out in any gathering. The designer, music icon, and producer sit down with StyleLikeU in an interview where he explains his personal relationship with fashion and style, sharing a new and fresh view on style with a few of his peers.

Arnold has created his own attention-grabbing and unique style, influenced by his bohemian household growing up (where his mother is currently still making her own clothing and his father being interested in fashion for the longest time since the early 1960s). As a native of California, he attended Santa Monica College where he began to combine his passions for fashion and music. Since then, he has founded Sa-Ra, a hip-hop production and performance ensemble, and launched his own clothing line, TI$A (Taz Is So Arnold), which offers baseball caps, hoodies, graphic shirts, and hoodies, and has also collaborated with artists such as Herbie Hancock, Iggy Pop, and Kanye West, among others. His aptitude to blend Chanel and gold teeth has persuaded many that he understands what he is doing if his excellent resume does not.

Arnold is first to acknowledge that he enjoys exclusivity and the better things in life, but he also claims that “guys just have a few things to talk with, they do not have that many options.” As the interview went on, it is no surprise that he makes the most of any opportunity to explore and express himself, whether it is with a multicolored knee sock or a pair of flashy Versace sunglasses.

Arnold’s strong eye and trained ear has propelled him into the limelight since then, but it has been his dedication and desire to create that will keep him to where he is now.