Takashi Murakami and Kaikai Kiki’s official souvenir shop Tonari no Zingaro has released its “Mystery Bag #2: My Real World is not your Replica (人造世界に僕はない)”, a giant mystery bag. The secret bag costs ¥269,000 (about $2900 USD) and contains multiple replicas of items from Murakami’s “My Real World is not your Replica” series.

The first mystery bag was sold in the summer of 2013, at a price of ¥200,000 (~$2025 USD). The bag came with replicas of the “My Real World is not your Replica” wall-sized paintings, as well as other items such as a wall clock and teapot. Murakami has released three different series based on “My Real World is not your Replica”. The first series was released in 2011. The second series, shown below, is the subject of this mystery bag.

In the artwork, Murakami attacks “Shinto” style concepts as a religion that has influenced Japanese culture and society for over one thousand years. Through these pieces he explores questions surrounding political ideology and conscience. It is this exploration that Murakami finds new meaning for and presents to viewers.

There are 36 pieces in the second series of “My Real World is not your Replica” and will be released in this order: 36, 35, 34, 33, 32, 31, 30, 29. The set contains the first six pieces of the series which are shown below. The designs can be seen on various products such as cups and bags available at Tonari no Zingaro. This is the first time replicas of this magnitude have been sold.

The “My Real World is not your Replica” wall-sized pieces can be seen at Kaikai Kiki. They are also available for purchase with a price tag of ¥12,600,000 (about $130,000 USD). Kaikai Kiki and Tonari no Zingaro’s “Mystery Bag #2: My Real World is not your Replica (人造世界に僕はない)”. There are only 36 bags available for sale, so make sure to get yours before they’re sold out!