Early this year, an exceptional collaboration between Murakami and IVXLCDM. Last March, they launched a gold necklace featuring an 8cm 3D Flower Parent and Child pendant made from 24K gold-plated sterling silver.

As Concepts, I take pride in being the founder of the art world, incorporating childish and toy-like logic. The ripples are getting bigger and bigger, and as the acceptance zone of art becomes huge in Asia, its childhood is endless, and we are entering an era where anything can be art. 

A Message from Takashi Murakami

They released a limited collection part of ROPPONGI HILLS TAKASHI MURAKAMI PROJECT last March 28 for the price of JPY 150,000 (approximately USD 1,430) at IVXLCDM Roppongi Hills. Here's a series of images of Murakami's iconic piece.