It is known for its red leaves between late November and December. The Tai Tong Gumtree is located in Yuen Long, which is filled with Sweet Gum Woods in hues of orange and red during the Fall season. The leaves then change to red during late November up to January; that is why it is ideal for visiting sometime around December, such a busy month since most people would flock in that area to witness the warm hues of the trees. 

Since Tai Tong is located in the countryside of Yuen Long, Hong Kong, it is expected to commute going to that serene place. There's a bus that you can take which stops in the village area, and then from there, guests can take the 20 minutes walk to the Country Park. 

You can check out the official website for a more accurate forecast; the Sweet Gum Woods is, without a doubt, one of the best places for you to witness the fall season; Guests can simply follow the main road from the park entrance, It might take about 20-30 minutes walk just in case some would prefer a casual hike, with many trees along the way already sporting orange, red, and burgundy leaves. There are also available signposts along the road. Here's a quick virtual tour by one of the Homeless Penthouse Crew. Check out this walkthrough video; click the link above!