For years, the two remarkable Japanese artists closely worked together. Back in the 70's Yokoo has been designing invitations for several Paris fashion shows of Miyake. At a golden age, both artists are still keen on their creativity. One of their latest works highlights a collection of blousons that translate eight of Yokoo's paintings. With the help of Miyake Design Studio using A-POC project (A Piece of Cloth)--using computer technology to create clothing from a single piece of thread. This actually became the brand's trademark manufacturing process that originated in 1998. 

The works being featured include Yokoo's series of colorful retro-themed pieces like A man yelling: "Tarzan is coming"; A young man shaving "Razor"; A half-dressed woman ", Mona Lina"; and several more. Each work is printed on reversible jackets with changing hues of sleeves and lining.  

Miyake and Yokoo's ingenuity created a more exciting avenue for each artists' medium of art. Yokoo particularly was amazed how the project connected art and fashion with urban living. The two-dimensional paintings were transformed into three-dimensional clothing. It somehow augmented physicality and have been modified into art that flows in an urban setting.