Supreme has gone all out to promote one of this year’s most anticipated releases in streetwear.

The renowned streetwear brand debuted an ad for its Vitra Panton Chair partnership on last month. The video, which was made by famous director Hype Williams, was simple but stunning. It depicted a lady dancing on and around the renowned furniture item, which had a glossy lacquer finish and a huge logo of Supreme strewn over the front in a vertical fashion. To Acid King’s “Drive Fast, Take Chances,” the lady was shown dancing enthrallingly on and around the Supreme x Vitra Panton Chair. The short was cast in the filmmaker’s characteristic red lighting, which seemed very appropriate for the launch.

The famous piece of furniture developed by renowned Danish designer Verner Panton dated back to 1959, when its strong polyurethane in one-piece construction caused ripples in the design world. Panton chairs are normally matte, but Supreme’s version retains the iconic shape but gives it a bright red glossy finish. Of course, given that it is from Supreme, the logo is seen strewn vertically across the front of the chair itself.

The price of a Panton Chair, which is typically and approximately $410, rises to a sleek $2,600 somewhere among these very modest design changes. People have not been sure if Supreme was playing a joke on us or it the brand truly feels that a little lacquer and its logo are worth $2,190.

It is Supreme, so whether it is overpriced or not, it will sell out and retail for more. For people who wanted to be ahead of the game, they have gotten their wallets ready because the Supreme x Vitra Panton Chair was made available two months ago.