The famous skate shop became successful by releasing short runs and doing heaps of collaboration. Which became a cross-promotional opportunity for the brand itself. It has managed to shape a wide swath through the underground culture far beyond its centre as skatewear through several partnerships and features. Here's another one for the books, tapping into the famous Spanish Artist, the ever-famous creator of "The Persistence of Memory", Salvador Dali. Featuring this famous artwork for a new silk shirt graphic. 

This NYC Skate brand must've known how remarkable an act could be for exhibiting an interesting piece of time into the streetwear world. Tapping into the undisputed masters of surrealism. The Persistence of Memory is one of Dali's most beloved paintings, with surrealist imagery that would become part of his legacy as an artist. This product was launched back in 2019 and continues to mesmerize the audience up until now. Since this was a limited edition release, several users have been reselling the original shirts on online carousels. At the same time, some are still hopeful that Supreme will release another batch for this year.  

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