An auction dedicated to the remarkable NYC Skateboard brand, Christie's presented Behind the Box: 1994-2000 featuring collectibles of Supreme brand rarities--curated by Ross Wilson, the renowned Supreme historian sourced from the most prominent collectors of the brand. This collection features iconic collaborations with famous fashion brands globally released from 1994 to the present year, making it a holy grail for Supreme collectors. 

"Supreme has successfully managed to transcend [its] brand from apparel into something that's now globally more relevant and become highly collectible."

- James Bogart (Box Logo Collections' consigner)

The comprehensiveness and quality of conservation of the Box Logo Collection make it so impeccable--that all eyes are really looking into this one. It was quite difficult for the Archives team to look for each item's best condition, thus took them six long years to find--making it more special. 

"We were strategic with our curation of this sale, including the rarest and most covetable objects, coining it the 'most supreme' Supreme offered at auction. Working with Ross, we sourced high-ticket items such as the Pinball Machine, Everlast Boxing Group, and Racing Bike. These are icons in their own right."

- Caitlin Donovan (Christie's in house specialist)

Searching for the Box logos was a unique opportunity. Having to own one of the only comprehensive sets in actuality makes it even more distinct. The sale date started last Dec 01, 2020 and ended on Dec 15, 2020 with total sales of USD 404,250. Other Supreme collection is also available at Homeless Penthouse Shop, Don't miss this one out!

"From contemporary art collectors to buyers of high fashion, the legacy of Supreme represents a new type of luxury," which is, importantly, "inclusive of all references from fine art to pop-culture."

- Caitlin Donovan (Christie's in house specialist)