SuperWorld is an NFT solution that offers virtual real estate in the metaverse – a virtual world that is an exact replica of an actual world except for the fact that any property, be it a commercial building, house, or renowned monument, is tied to an NFT and recorded via blockchain. Users of SuperWorld can digitally buy and sell almost any property from the company’s portfolio of over 64 billion unique parcels. According to a member of the SuperWorld team, the portal has sold around 5,000 virtual properties so far.

CEO Hrish Lotlikas and Max Woon established SuperWorld back in 2017. With the surge in popularity of NFTs, the platform is increasingly being adopted by the general public. You can stake a claim on approximately 64.8 billion virtual parcels of land that are geographically mapped onto the Earth within SuperWorld’s virtual real estate. In SuperWorld, each piece of land is a 100-by-100-meter polygon that correlates to real-world space. The platform follows the ERC-721 standard for successful trading systems, which means that each plot is classified as a collectible and an entirely unique asset to buy, sell, hold, or trade due to its digital scarcity. When a participant purchases property in SuperWorld, they receive a one-of-a-kind portion of the Ethereum blockchain, as well as guaranteed revenue opportunities from advertising, e-commerce, gaming, and NFTs on their properties.