SUPERPLASTIC has only just revealed its enormous "HEADTRIPZ" NFT drop, but the multimedia business is already diving into another digital collaboration with luxury house Gucci.

SUPERGUCCI, the resulting NFT partnership, is a multi-faceted collection of digital and physical collectibles that will debut on February 1 on SUPERPLASTIC's website and will be accessible through Gucci's Vault site.

SUPERPLASTIC is giving its own community a sneak peek before the general drop with an early start. From 10 am EST on February 1, three distinct NFTs and three limited-edition NFTs will be accessible to SUPERPLASTIC NFT owners (for a total of 150 NFTs).

The covetable digital collectibles will be available for Gucci's Discord community an hour later. The SUPERGUCCI series will be available to the general public at 12 p.m. EST, with four different variants offered in an edition of 50 each to make a complete collection of 200 NFTs.

The SUPERGUCCI trilogy begins with ten unique NFTs each accompanied by a handmade Italian ceramic work of art created by both Gucci and SUPERPLASTIC, emphasizing the project's luxury overtones.

The new collection, dubbed the "Gucci x Superplastic Janky & Guggimon", is said to include "the trademark Gucci elements and characters" from SUPERPLASTIC.

If the stylized teaser pictures are anything to go by, imagine SUPERPLASTIC's Janky toys, but Gucci-patterned and topped off with a Gucci Aria cap, and don't be shocked if there's a lot of monograms.

SUPERGUCCI goes live on February 1, and the digital Gucci Vault will be opened with a sixth drop of vintage Gucci hand-picked by creative director Alessandro Michele and his team of in-house Gucci archivists, each numbered individually, and sent in "amazing packaging."The great deal of symbolism in the artwork is derived from Gucci's history and is reminiscent of SUPERGUCCI (the iconic Gucci Vault). In a very literal sense, old meets new here.