Sometimes, you want the moon. And sometimes, when you get the moon, you need to set it on a nice lamp and sit back and enjoy its glow. If this is what crosses your mind every time an actual supermoon appears in the sky, then we have a lovely treat for you from Japanese design company Nosigner: a topographically accurate model to commemorate the Supermoon of March 2011 in Japan. It's attached to an LED lamp, and you can use it as both a piece of art and a functional light source.

"The so called Supermoon – the lunar occurrence on March 19th, 2011, in which the moon appeared 14% bigger and 30% brighter – shined down on the people of Japan, inspiring them to believe, and a hope for rebuilding what they had lost over a week ago," describes Nosigner.

The Supermoon Lighting Lamp is made out of three separate parts: an acrylic base, the piece that holds the LED lamp itself (made from 3D printing), a stand in the shape of Japan, and an acrylic light diffusion lattice. The data used to make these have been sourced from the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya, so it's a pretty accurate representation of our celestial companion.

Although we're not sure if there will be another Supermoon around anytime soon (though NASA is planning for one next year), this looks like a piece of art that's more than pleasing to the eye. If you love looking at the moon, and sometimes wish it was just a little closer (or at least had some nice lighting), then this lamp is definitely for you. The Supermoon Lighting Lamp has been made available by Nosigner, and is priced at $1,462 (USD).