Looking for the most gamer-friendly foods? There are several options to find in Japan, particularly 7-Eleven. A renowned international chain convenience store collaborating with Nintendo--a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game company, came up with Super Mario themed snacks and treats for everyone to consume. 

Mario Mix Roll at 183 yen (around USD 1.75), includes a roll split down the middle and filled with egg salad, a croquette, and mushroom sauce spaghetti. That feels appropriate from start to finish.

Yoshi Green Melon Bread for 151 yen (around USD 1.50), Everyone's favorite friendly dino-horse, inspired by the traditional melonpan filled with custard and whipped cream. 

Bowzer's Fire-Breathing Super Spicy Karagge Roll at 354 yen (around USD 3.50). Seems to be the spiciest entry in the collection with bread filled with fried chicken--coated with chili sauce.

Fire Flower Fire Curry Bun for 140 yen (USD 1.33), inspired by the traditional Chinese steamed bun with a Fire Flower stamp on top. Filled with a less spicy red tomato curry. 

Princess Peach's Dolce at 342 yen (USD 3.26), is served as a sweet and sour jelly and cream cheese dish that comes with flavours of lemon, strawberry, and milk, depicting the colors of her dress and crown. The glittery Star will cost you 226 yen (USD 2.15), and it includes "a creamy agar dessert" made of pineapple sauce and milk jelly.

A special raffle will be held on top of the food offerings for customers to win some limited-edition Mario merchandise. All items available at 7-Eleven Japan from February 5 until February 24, 2021.