Entering some of the world’s most beautiful homes you will be greeted with a stairway that is more than functional. Some homeowners may be content with simple wooden steps enclosed by a rail and banister – but those that have the means to create a stunning design will surely take full advantage.

Aspiring designers of staircases can take inspiration from the variety of styles in this article. This is a brief introduction to five, but there are many more out there if you search online or visit a design show home on your next family vacation.

The Industrial Look

This dark metallic staircase features exposed screws and bolts that are attached to wooden slats. The space is open to allow light to filter through, giving it that industrial feel.

The Minimalist Look

For those who live in smaller homes this minimalist design can take up less room than a traditional staircase. It’s useful for getting around the house too, and is often used by homeowners as a makeshift bookshelf that can even double up as a storage area for shoes or bags.

The Z-Shape

While some homeowners opt for a more straightforward design, others choose to create something that is much more unique. This zigzag style maximizes the space available by going from one wall to another in a smooth curve. There are no sharp corners so it can take up less room while providing plenty of space for storage thanks to the shelves either side.

The Spiral Look

For homeowners that like a touch of drama and luxury, the spiral staircase is sure to make an impact on your guests. Whether it’s used in a grand mansion, or sits in the center of a loft style apartment, the unique design is sure to impress.

The Banister-less Look

Whether the space beneath your staircase is wasted or could be put to good use is entirely up to you. The banister-less look combines a glass panel with wooden steps, providing extra light as well as giving homeowners the chance to show off their prized plants and collectables.

The Basic Look

Some homeowners like to keep it simple and opt for a wooden staircase. Using the same material throughout is sure to complement the room’s existing décor. There are plenty of different designs available too, some with an ornate edge or curved profile that will soften any space without compromising on storage space.