Gufram has been a beacon of originality for designers since 1966 and has always been interested in experimenting with overcoming customary décor. Up to this day and over 50 years later, with the incomparable knowledge and competech of its artisans, Gufram is still devoted to exploring new possibilities in home landscape.

Studio Job, located in Amsterdam and Antwerp – plays in a unique way with the contradictions of softness, hardness, dreams, and realities, which creates an unanticipated short circuit of expectations and perceptions, coupled with a never-ending experiment that allowed materials such as polyurethane to produce anything.

Gufram and Studio Job’s relationship dates to 2013 when the Globe cabinet was added to a collection from Gufram. NynkTynagel and Job Smeets created a line of limited edtion piece for the Design Miami/Basel in 2017, which included a cooking pot coffee table with additional elements of steam, an orange brick punching bag, a wall divider said to be made of four different elements from specific tree barks, and a gleaming globe stand.

SUPERGUFRAM was Gufram’s latest spin-off with the brand, which was established three years ago to explore the borders between applied art and industrial design. For the last five decades, SUPERGUFRAM strived towards following the same route has taken but the exact opposite: from serial sambling to single handcrafted products which highlight Gufram’s artisanal components. In the hands of many designers, SUPERGUFRAM is a tool designed to uncover the possibilities of polyurethane foam combined with other materials. Each SUPERGUFRAM experience consisted of timeless works of unique and/or extremely limited-edition pieces. According to Gufram owner Charley Vezza, SUPERGUFRAM was their technique of overcoming new constraints. Throughout the event, the designers released their own most visionary ideas, and the collection of precious jewels were the new symbols of radical design, which implied freedom from any constraint.