The A0K1VERSE is a new platform launched by DJ and producer Steve Aoki, which links the real world with web2 and web3 through carrot-based rewards for NFT collectors.

Aoki's latest blockchain-backed project offers a wide range of both physical and digital incentives for fans, including free Steve Aoki concert tickets, early access to his NFT releases, private events, metaverse experiences, free merchandise, digital wearables, and direct access to apparel and collectible collaborations.

“Since I started my first firm Dim Mak in 1996, I've nurtured, developed and embraced the idea of a community,” Aoki said in a press release. “From that moment on I have been able to establish multiple channels for my fans to connect with me and share in experiences as we continue to grow together as a family. This experience has led me to develop the A0K1VERSE platform which allows me to connect with my fans through multiple platforms but all tied together in one large virtual world.”

Aoki explained that the A0K1VERSE was developed in-house by his team, including brand partnerships director Rob Vegas, vice president of digital marketing Vahid Rafati and creative director Andrew Gordon, who noted that the project has “been an amazing challenge to work towards, but the results are nothing short of spectacular."

“The A0K1VERSE is a digital destination for fans to immerse themselves in the world Steve Aoki has created, both on and off-line. This rewards platform not only allows users to earn tokens by engaging with different activities, but also to trade and sell them in the AirDropsDAC exchange. The A0K1VERSE is a next-level blockchain experience that will continue to push the boundaries of technology and user engagement bringing Steve’s fans closer than ever before."Digital collectibles for Aoki include an album cover design created by Michael Goss and a “SYMBIOTE” mask created by acclaimed comic book artist Clayton Crain. The mask was also used to create an image for merchandise that will be given out to fans, the press release noted.