Legendary DJ Steve Aoki will headline a metaverse Christmas party hosted by Monkey Kingdom, an NFT-powered decentralized project.

The virtual party will take place on a digital stage built by Cryptovoxels, and coincides with the growth of Monkey Kingdom, which sold out within two minutes when it was launched in November. The event also celebrates the launch of Crypto Monkey, an NFT that represents the growth of the project.

The event is open to the public and will take place on December 24, 2021.

At the party, Aoki will DJ while wearing his new crypto-enabled sunglasses, which can be purchased using Crypto Monkey or any ERC20 token. The glasses will be available for purchase online in the near future.

During the party, Crypto Monkey NFTs will be on sale. A fun fact about these particular NFTs is that they were built by DADA's Metaverse tool and deployed to Cryptovoxels, which is a company co-founded by Steve Aoki and Halsey Minor, CEO of Bitreserve.

The event also serves as a venue where people can meet to discuss digital collectibles, crypto, and blockchain technology in general.

“It’s an honor to be headlining this party where I can celebrate my new glasses with fans of music and NFTs alike,” said Aoki.

The NFT Crypto Monkey is based on the Chinese mythology of Sun Wukong, who is known as the Monkey King in English and has appeared in several films and television shows, including “Journey to the West” and “Monkey Magic.”

In accordance with this theme, users will be able to encounter Sun Wukong at the party.

“Sun Wukong is an ancient Chinese legend, but his story transcends all time,” said James Morgan Pryse, founder of Monkey Kingdom. “He personifies the transformative power of NFTs and cryptogoods to change people’s lives for the better.”The virtual party will be viewable in any NFT-compatible virtual reality device.