The famous child star in the series Lizzie McGuire and several theatrical shows, Hillary Duff recently updated her home in Los Angeles. Her humble abode is filled with a fusion of bold patterns with subtle pastel hues; Duff's affection for bright, airy colors and eclectic prints kept her home bright, comfortable, and classy. 

"My mom had lived down the street from me then, and every time I would walk down to her house this paparazzi was waiting outside. It was a nightmare," Duff mentioned--thus, relocating to another home in a more secure and sequestered area. 

She moved into a 5,260 sqft Gregorian-style house, which she remodelled twice, to make it harmonious for her preferences. Teaming up with interior designers Maison Ko's David Ko, Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl, of Studio Life/Style, guarantees Duff's space as personalized, utterly classy and nostalgic as it can be. 

"I painted my front door this beautiful blush color. I was ready—to get rid of some of the dark colors, to move away from everything being so tonal, and to lighten up a lot of the furniture." -Hillary Duff

There is a delightful balance in the house, and most furniture accommodates her kids. She always considers her 5-year old son when it comes to design choices, making it more inclusive for her family.