Ever wanted an awesome skateboard deck but were afraid of the board breaking and losing your investment?

Ever want to decorate a room with one single art piece that screams uniqueness, style and everything awesome in just ONE spot, rather than putting up wallpaper or paint on various parts of your home? You've come to the right article!

Yayoi Kusama has designed a spotty skateboard deck set for an international company called "Free Culture". This is a very unique product, because the designs are extremely detailed and decorative. These spots aren't just stuck on there; they're glued in place and glossy to make them look even better! You can put these decks side by side or in rows and they would still look equally as awesome.

"How did she manage to do that?" I'm sure you're wondering. "Was it difficult?" The answer is no . She has the spots printed on the boards using a new technology that allows for extremely detailed designs. You wouldn't even be able to tell where the spots began and where they ended!

Of course, you have to wonder: are they sturdy? The answer is yes ! If you are a beginner in the sport of skateboarding then this product would be perfect for you! It can withstand any type of routine. Of course, if it falls one too many times, the deck might break but that's just normal for wood products.What company produces these decks? Well, a company called "Free Culture" that is based in Japan. You might think: "What in the world is Free Culture?", but to put it simply, they are an international brand that produces art and fashion related products such as backpacks, T-shirts and, of course, skateboard decks.