The colorful clothing, bags, homeware, and accessories from the collection are being sold for eyebrow-raising prices one week after launching and very soon selling out online. Take a look at an example of an eBay item from the range's least-expensive product, a Susuwatari-illustrated candle.

Priced at $451,049, the decoration is valued (at least by one ambitious seller) at over 2,000 times its original MSRP of $220. The extreme pricing could be attributed to the immense popularity of Ghibli Studio's films (which also include "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Princess Mononoke"), but the Spirited Away range doesn't seem to be slowing down.

One of second-hand marketplace Depop's top five most-sold luxury items over the past 24 hours is the collection's Susuwatari earrings, priced at $625. A large part of the resale frenzy appears to be driven by resellers hoping to turn a profit, rather than art and fashion fans hoping the purchase a piece of movie history.

One eBay user is even offering to buy unwanted Loewe Spirited Away items for $500+ per item, so users can potentially sell off their old stock and make a clean profit.

The Spirited Away collection isn't Loewe's first foray into Studio Ghibli screenings, with the label having also created a My Neighbor Totoro range in 2013. All of this is to say that you should probably pick up the Spirited Away range before it becomes too much of a collector's item. If you're into Studio Ghibli or Loewe, now would be an excellent time to strike.

Let us take one eBay listing for the range's least-expensive item, a Susuwatari-printed candle - priced at $451K - as an example. The coveted Elio Loco bag from Loewe's Spirited Away collection, the second Studio Ghibli collaboration from high-end luxury brand Loewe, has now gone on sale. The line's colorful clothing, bags, homeware, and accessories are being sold for outrageous sums after just one week on the market.