Contemporary Art world meets the remarkable streetwear brand from Japan, Sophnet. and Takashi Murakami launched its mod coat collection featuring TM's Roppongi Hills Project, with an underlying theme "connecting hope for the future through art".

Featuring the 10-meter high sculpture of Haha Bangla Manus that will greet you at the opening of Roppongi Hills at 66 Plaza. The launching of this statue took place to celebrate the big break of Flower Cafe at Hills Cafe/Space that offers a good and lively vibe for the visitors. This was taken personally by Murakami, as he wanted to inspire people and lighten their mood with his iconic vibrant floral motif. So with the clothing collaboration, Murakami flaunts his signature flower into SOPHNET.'s jacket silhouette. 

Highlighting an oversized fit with Murakami's Flower Parent and Child (Ohana no Oyako) transferred directly through sheet print. Constructed with satin, this jacket includes a set of multicolored scorpion pins and a SOPHNET. removable velcro badge. It costs JPY 66,000 which is about USD 615 that comes in olive green or black variants. Check it out now, Limited supplies are available at SOPHNET