Bearbricks, or BE@RBRICK, was originally introduced to the figure scene in 2001 by Medicom Toy, a Japanese company. Since then, Japanese-made figurines have ridden the collectibles wave, which is still gaining traction as a new outlet for streetwear connoisseurs, sneakerheads, and art collectors. Bearbrick’s stock has also increased over the years as a result of a lengthy list of cooperative projects with some of the most notorious names in contemporary art, design, and fashion.

For the uninformed, Bearbrick toys are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 100 percent to 1000 percent. The smallest size is the 100 percent, which is around 2-inches tall, while the largest is the 1000 percent, which stands 27-inches tall. The most common sizes are 100 percent, 200 percent, and 400 percent in general.

Like all Bearbricks, most general offerings may not last long. With that being said, we have gathered some of our favorite Bearbricks designs and collaborations you would not want to miss and are still available on the internet today.

Be@rbrick x CLOT x Nike Black Silk in 1000%

The continuous collaboration between Nike and CLOT has resulted in silk-covered sneakers that wear away to expose secret layers. They then took that notion to Bearbricks last year. A rose gold silk hue lies beneath the surface of this 1000 percent figure.

Be@rbrick x NBA Shaquille O’Neal 100% and 400%

With Shaquille O’ Neal joining the party this time, Medicom Toy’s ongoing relationship with the NBA adds more stars to its memorialized roster. This figure comes in 400 percent and a pretty un-Shaq-like 100 percent, paying homage to the basketball legend’s time with Orlando Magic.

Be@rbrick x Baccarat 200%

Bearbricks are not frequently as luxurious as this model, despite the fact that they are all collectable. This figure, made of 100 percent crystal by Swiss fine craft masters Baccarat, was part of High Snobiety’s Not In Paris virtual show and also came with laser etchings that commemorated the event.