It has been quite some time since the furniture industry shook up with a new product. From modular storage to just-in-time delivery, furniture retailers have created ways and means to make getting your hands on that dream sofa or dining set as simple as buying it online.

The sofas are now coming in boxes. Not the kind of boxes that you get from Ikea, but the kind of box that's made for shipping purposes. A sofa in a box is delivered to your doorstep as one single unit (the container), and when it comes out of the container, it looks just like any other sofa or couch.

"It's easier than a regular furniture shop," says Chris Mays, owner of the St. Augustine Sofa Shop in St. Augustine, Fla., and author of "The First Store," a furniture retailing blog .

"Sofas in a box are just another option," says Andrew Goldberg , editor in chief of , a website for gardeners.

Online retailers have made it easy to purchase furniture, whether you're in the market for a sofa or something else entirely. Sofa in a Box, for example, makes it easy to order a custom-sized sofa that comes in a cardboard container. All you need to do is select your sofa style and size from the options on the site and enter some basic information about delivery—then wait patiently for your new couch.

Sofa in a Box is not the only retailer making this kind of promise. Specialty retailers and online merchants are now selling sofas that come in boxes, meaning you can buy your couch without ever sitting on it in person. To work around the fact that you haven't been able to test out every piece of furniture in your home, companies are now selling "demonstration" furniture.