Snarkitecture, a New York based architectural and design company, and Gufram, an Italian furniture company, have resurrected their 2017 collaborative series “Broken” in an unanticipated shade of pink.

Gufram and Snarkitecture worked on a mirror set that debuted at Fuorisalone in Milan in 2017 and was followed by the inclusion of a stone-like seat that had a rough-looking exterior but was unexpectedly smooth. The ‘Broken’ mirrors (which were subsequently followed by a bench) have a stone-like frame that is really made of polyurethane and covered in concrete-like Guflac paint, giving them an ambivalent combination of hardness and surprising softness. The revolutionary New York architectural and design company and the Italian company, best know for its history of radical design, have revisited the collection, creating new renditions of furniture in paster pink.

The Broken Mirror’s design creates a fun juxtaposition between the glass mirror’s technical proficiency and the surprising suppleness of Gufram’s trademark foam material. It seems like a fracture in the wall that the mirrors space around it while also creating an alienating visual impression, as if the area has been opened to another room or to the outside world. The Broken Square Mirror, like the much larger Broken Mirror, fractures a window in the wall with the reflecting surface surrounded with polyurethane and gives the impression of a glimpse into another dimension.

The new set of pastel pink furniture was produced for K11 MUSEA’s Art Karnival showcase in Hong Kong as an all-pink exhibition.

In an interview with Wallpaper*, Snarkitecture’s Alex Mustonen and Daniel Arsham remarked, “For the past year, we’ve worked closely with Gufram’s team to develop a distinct shade of pink.” “Captivated by a piece of vintage bubblegum, the “Broken” series gains a new depth of playfulness.”

The bubblegum color is also included in the Italian brand’s “Guframini” tiny collection, which includes smaller copies of the “Cactus” coat stand, “Bocca” couch, and many more.