Gufram has earned a reputation for defying the rigorous conventions of interior design with its sense of surrealism and humor during the course of its 50-year existence.

A fallen archaic Greek column turned into an armchair, a sofa made of big red lips, and, of course, the Cactus coat stand are among Gufram’s renowned iconic creations.

Franco Mello and Guido Drocco created the first Gufram Cactus in 1972, and it was initially launched in a more traditional emerald green color. Since its inception, it has seen colorful releases and countless upgrades.

Gufram has released a limited-edition series of 169 cacti with a particular color scheme designed by Paul Smith as a birthday present itself. The Gufram and Paul Smith irreverent coat hanger is combined with Smith’s recognizable colorful pattern in Psychedelic Cactus. The sardonic totem, which embodies the characteristic grit, imagination, determination, and humor of both designer entities of the 1970s, is transformed into Psychedelic by the merging of vivid colors that define Paul Smith’s use of coloring. Smith described the finished result as a “creativity peyote” influenced by “hallucinogenic vibes'' with a hint of hippie subculture in an interview with Dezeen Magazine. A vibrant mix of blues, reds, pinks, and black make the colorful discussion piece.

Paul Smith is a leading figure in British design. His creative mindset, which naturally blends with tradition and innovation, is unmistakable. While Smith is most commonly known for his men’s apparel design and tailoring, he has also recently discovered designing furniture himself, including sets of chairs by iconic Danish designer Hans J Wegner and the Anglepoise Type75 desk light. Paul Smith truly exhibits a totally modern aesthetic with his excitement for varied cultural allusions and unusual pairing, executed with simplicity.

“Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith,” a retrospective held in 2013, praised the designer’s work across various fields, including his partnership with MINI, photographic projects, and vintage clothing lines.