While they may look similar to skateboards, surf skates come with a pointed front—similar to how surfboards would usually look.

If you’re not that into surfing , then you can always just ride the latest trendy version of skateboards and surf skates instead! While traditional skateboards only have two wheels, however, surf skates come with four wheels—similar to how traditional surfboards would usually look.

Traditional skateboards are also made to be ridden on flat surfaces while surf skates, on the other hand, are not limited to just that. Surf skates can actually be rode on ramps and half-pipes too! If you’re feeling brave, then you can always even try surfing with surf skates.

Let’s take a look at the newest high-end skateboards and surf skates now available for purchase!

The Extra Supreme Luxury Edition Skateboard features an actual diamond embedded into its deck—glad to know that it doesn’t have any additional cost.

The Surf-Supreme Skateboard features a retractable wave pool, making it perfect for surfing any time of the day! If you’re more into skateboarding than surfing, then this board is right up your alley too since it also features two wheels on each side instead of just one like traditional surfboards would usually look like.

The luxury edition of the Supreme Surf Skateboard looks more like a traditional surfboard than it does a skateboard—perfect for those who want to look good while surfing on one! The board also has an integrated air purifier and humidifier, making it perfect for those who love surfing during winter or rainy days.

The new Italian Skateboard from Fendi Fashion features a speedometer and an odometer, perfect for those who want to know how much they’re skating when they’re on the go.The most luxurious surf skateboard on the market right now has to be the Swarovski-encrusted skateboard. This board is perfect for those who want to feel like a celebrity while riding their skateboard!