KAWS releases the Share figure series in cute, funky colors. KAWS, the Brooklyn-based contemporary artist and designer whose work has transcended into the pop culture world to be the David Bowie of our time, has released a new colorway for his Share figure. "Share" is based on an original painting by KAWS from 2007. The Share figures are reminiscent of another famous KAWS figure, the Companion.

Sharing is caring indeed with KAWS' Share Figure series, which continues to make its rounds through popular culture. One of the tenants of KAWS' design aesthetic has always been for his characters to look like they're having fun and enjoying life; whether that's a giant pink stuffed bear climbing a building on the side of which someone has written "I Love You" in giant letters, or a teddy bear with an even bigger grin glancing out from within the belly of a shark. The Share figures represent yet another example; they're painted in bright acid colors, and have detailed happy expressions on their faces, all but beaming at each other.

The original painting of the Share character was done in 2007, and it seems that KAWS has been toying with a series of interpretations since then. The figure now comes in a new colorway, which KAWS refers to as "Toys And Joy" alluding to the original title of the painting. Using the standard version of the Share figure as his base, KAWS introduced a new color scheme into this most recent release. Keeping with the iconic smile and other details on each piece, he has painted the new set of figures in a lovely assortment of colors with an eye popping finish.

Share stands approximately 12" high. The vinyl is glossy and has a rich color scheme. Share features removable yarn hair accessories that allow for a variety of poses and expressions. Share comes with an orange blanket to wrap around her body or can even be used as a scarf. Share is set for release on December 13th, 2011 at the KAWS Store in New York City.

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