Samsung has unveiled plans for the world's first TV screen-based NFT explorer and market aggregator, according to a statement released at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Samsung announced that the Smart TVs it will release in 2022 will feature a new Smart Hub with widgets for various categories, such as Media, Gaming, and Ambient.

"Our TVs are more than simply entertainment machines — they're multi-purpose devices that serve as hubs for our connected homes and as canvases for self-expression and creativity," the firm added in a press release.

Samsung is calling its new platform Samsung Smart Media Solutions (SSMS). The SSMS platform will focus on creating an interactive, immersive experience for content providers and consumers by enabling them to create holograms that users can interact with.

The firm did not disclose specific details about the NFT platform that Samsung is developing, but did note that it will use blockchain technology to ensure transparency across the platform.

This media center will also allow developers to create apps tailored to specific uses like gaming, retail, property management and more.

“With SSMS, we believe the next big idea is just around the corner,” the company said. “We are building a platform that can help content creators create an interactive narrative using projected holograms into our Smart TVs. SSMS will give rise to new service providers who will be able-bodied to offer immersive experiences in real time with no additional hardware requirements.”

This is not the first time Samsung has dipped its toes in the NFT and blockchain industry. The company formed a partnership with the first Bitcoin-friendly private school, Galaxy Digital School, allowing them to integrate Bitcoin as part of their curriculum.Samsung is also planning to issue $99 million — approximately 25 billion Korean won — worth of corporate bonds on Ethereum’s public blockchain as the first step toward issuing securities on a blockchain, Reuters reported.