The  sad Wolverine meme was born from psychological research on body language. "Expressionless face, arms behind his back and a slump posture is one way we all depict our stress." In 2005, Japanese researcher Taku Wakahara did the study titled "How Do You Feel When You Look at Me?" with over 1,000 subjects.

In his report, Wakahara claimed that the reason why people feel stressed when looking at others with expressionless faces is because they are not able to understand whether the person is angry or not. For this reason, Adam Savage from Mythbusters did a test in 2012 where he asked 370 subjects to describe what emotions they saw on an "expressionless" face. The results? An overwhelming number of people responded positively to the emotions they read in a "sad, angry and frustrated" expressionless face. Nearly 60% of the subjects got it correct, while only 3 people said that they saw "disgust."  The same experiment was also used with a happy facial expressions  and the result was that almost 70% of people described it as happy.

The "Sad Wolverine" meme is a reaction to stress and the feelings of unsafety. We make fun of him because we're stressed out, even though he's not looking at us! And thus, the "SAD WOLVERINE" meme was born.

Mondo has been a major force in the toy industry over the past few years. Mondo has brought many new and innovative products to collectors worldwide! And now, they are immortalizing one of the most well-known memes: "SAD WOLVERINE" into an 8-inch figure. It is expected to be released between August  - September 2015.

Mondo's Kickstarter Project launched on July 21, 2015 and set a goal of $65,000. Within 24 hours, the project has already reached its funding goal!

Mondo is offering many different rewards for supporting its project. The "SAD WOLVERINE" figure will be available in a regular and an exclusive variant of each. According to Mondo, the sculptor behind this piece is Warren Manser, who has worked on numerous high-profile toys such as Guillermo del Toro's "ATOMIC BLONDE", "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" and "The Amazing Spider-Man 2". This is the sad (action figure) that we deserve! If you want to buy this Mondo's collectible, then head on over to its Kickstarter Project here. For $25 you'll get the "SAD WOLVERINE" regular version and for $35 you'll get the exclusive version, plus a bunch of other goodies!