Located on an island in the Eastern River, between Manhattan and Queens, New York City, Roosevelt Island is known as Welfare Island when it was used principally for hospitals, from 1921 to 1973. The Administration back then starting building a workhouse and penitentiary, which became infamous. Previously known as Blackwell's Island, it was relabelled Welfare Island in 1921, and in 1973 its name was once again changed to honor Head of state Franklin Design. Roosevelt. In 1934 the old organizations were changed by city medical facilities. In the 1970s, the island was connected to Manhattan by an airborne tramway system, and moderate-income real estate and shopping facilities were constructed there; A link connects the island to Queens. Check out the video above, and take a virtual tour around the island with Homeless Penthouse, you can also visit Homeless Penthouse Youtube Channel for more walkthrough sessions around the neighborhood.