In its 60 year history, the Submariner watch from Rolex has come a long way. Having gone through many changes throughout the years, there have been some variations in dials or case sizes that didn't make it to very many models. Below you will find a list of some of these special series and variants that are absolutely worth your money!

3xxx series This number range is unlike any other, as it features one of Rolex's most rare watches. The ref. 3267 was released in the late 1960s and featured a manual wind caliber which was not very popular among collectors. Because of this, its value today sits around $50,000 US dollars (USD). However, there are plenty of other 3xxx series models that are worth checking out, including the ref. 6002 and 6200 which feature chronometers.

4xxx series This is an extremely popular watch from Rolex as it features a sapphire crystal instead of wire-lugged construction on the case. This means that the 4xxx series is highly durable to damage and scratches, making it the perfect watch for diving.

5xxx series The 5xxx feature similar characteristics to the 4xxx Submariners such as a sapphire crystal and waterproof capabilities; however, one unique thing about this range is that it features a date function on many models. This dates back to the late 1970s.

6xxx series This was one of Rolex's most famous Submariner lines in the early 2000s as it features a completely new watch. The 6xxx series was created to celebrate 50 years since diving equipment was invented by Rolex. While today these watches are not very collectible, they're definitely worth checking out for their different style.

7xxx series These watches feature a more simple look with luminescent hour markers and no date or day features. This was created in 2011 to celebrate 80 years of Rolex diving watches.Check out more intriguing watch launches by visiting